A Show-and-Tell Storytelling Event

How it works:

  • Bring an object with you. It should be able to fit through the door.
  • Presenters are chosen at random by drawing. There is a chance that you won’t be chosen, but you will probably be chosen.
  • You have five minutes to talk, and you’ll get a hearty high-five if you talk for less.
  • Don’t forget to say:
    • What you brought, even if it is obvious.
    • Why you think it is neat.
    • If it were displayed in a museum, what museum would it be in? Use your imagination! How about the “Museum of Lost Car Keys”? Or the “Can’t Afford It So I Made It Museum”?
  • Once you are done we’ll take a picture of your object and put it on this website, along with a descriptive quote from your story. Send the link to your mom.

When and Where:

Every other month on a Thursday evening at Ghost Town Grocer.
210 W. Colorado Ave. in Telluride.

Visit our Calendar page for the next “That Belongs in a Museum” event

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring?  It can be just about anything* that you think has a good story.
*Kindly refrain from bringing potentially hazardous, illegal, or blatantly offensive materials, including firearms, explosives, or anything that is likely to start the zombie apocalypse.

Does it have to be something that would actually belong in a museum? Not at all. This object is for the museum of your choosing, real or not. Have an old pair of shoes that have traveled the world? A keychain from your best friend in 2nd grade? How about your great-grandmother’s birth certificate? As long as you think it’s neat.

Will my object actually go on display in a museum? Nope. You go home with what you came with.

Can my object be a living thing? Use common sense in answering this question.

Examples of acceptable living “objects”:
– a potted plant
– yourself
– small turtle
Examples of unacceptable living “objects”:
– dogs/cats
– sharks
– Rafflesia arnoldii (google it)
– anything you wouldn’t bring into a bar

What kind of museum (imagined or otherwise) should I come up with?
Here are some ideas:
– Museum of Sad Graduation Gifts
– Museum of Things Found in Old Buildings
– The Better Off Never Attempted Museum
– NYC Elevator Museum (this is a real one!)

Other Questions?
Contact Anne Gerhard at 970.728.3344×2 or