Educational programs

TES Tomboy, 2012

Cool Colors with Dynamic Dyes
(Best for Grades K–4. Duration: 60-75 minutes)
Students will explore the history of Ancient Pueblo Peoples in the four-corners region as well as the history of the Museum’s notable Anasazi Blanket. We will unravel possible sources for the blanket’s rich color and then try our hand at dying our own textile (Grades 58 will explore in more depth the construction of the blanket and its preservation).


Innovative Telluride
(Best for Grades 3-5. Duration: 60 minutes)
Through interactive activities and demonstrations, this program explores the prominent inventions, inventors, and discoveries in the history of electricity and hydro-power in the region. Have hands-on fun discovering how water can be transformed into energy.  The difference between “invention” and “discovery” is emphasized, while bringing Telluride’s late nineteenth century history to life!

school 4

From Site to Exhibit
(Best for Grades 9-12.. Duration: 60 minutes)
Students follow the life of a historical artifact from its discovery to the museum. This unique program combines leture and activities to give students a greater understanding of the identification, documentation, interpretation, and the display of cultural heritage.

Hike into Geology
(Best for Grades 3–8. Duration: 60 minutes))
Take a Hike! In this program, students will be guided on one Telluride’s hiking trails to explore the fascinating geologic formations found in our region. Students will learn to identify the three major geological forces that shaped our region and search for their own geological samples.


Moving Day
(Best for Grades 3–8. Duration: 60 minutes)
“Colorado’s Migration Story,” a History Colorado “take-out” program, explores the movement of people across Colorado from pre-history to 1870. Students step into the shoes of one of six cultural groups and through the exploration of objects, photographs and discussion they take the journey of what it means to migrate.

Western Work
(Best for Grades 4–8. Duration: 60 minutes)
Explore the growth of early Colorado industries through objects, historic photographs and role-playing. Become an “expert” in mining, saddlery and spurs, ice, millinery and dressmaking, and more!


Plan Your Visit

When planning your trip, please remember:

1. All reservations must be made at least three (3) business days in advance.

2. Public school in San Miguel County are not charged for participation in the museum’s educational programming. Costs for private groups are $5/child. Teachers and adults are free.

3. Please bring at least one (1) chaperone for every seven (7) students.

4. Consider applying for a Bus Scholarship to cover travel expenses (see below).

Ready to visit the museum? Click here to complete the online booking form, or contact Director of Programs and Public Engagement Mary Higgins at (970) 728-3344 x5, or [email protected].

Bus Scholarship

More information about applying for a Bus Scholarship:

A limited number of scholarships are available and are awarded based on these criteria:

  • Your school must be in the San Miguel, San Juan, Ouray, Montrose, Delta, Dolores, La Plata, or Montezuma Counties School District (includes charter schools);
  • One scholarship per teacher each school year, and;
  • Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please Note:

  • Teachers are required to make a program reservation with THM before applying for the Bus Scholarship;
  • Schools must arrange for their own transportation;
  • Teachers are required to complete the Bus Application form and have it signed by the principal;
  • Applications must be received two (2) weeks prior to the planned visit;
  • THM requires that you obtain a bus transportation invoice showing trip information and the cost of the bus in advance and submit it together with the application;
  • THM will pay the transportation service directly if the scholarship request is approved;
  • This scholarship pays only basic bus cost, and;
  • Applications will not be processed without a bus transportation invoice.

Click here to download the Bus Scholarship application