Crawl, Don’t Walk, Back Into Time


The Telluride Historical Museum presents a Historic Pub Crawl to close out the ski season. 

Telluride, Colorado (March 27, 2012) – At the turn of the last century you couldn’t swing a saloon girl in Telluride without hitting a watering hole: there were at least thirty-seven. Money and opportunity hung like a carrot on a stick, out of reach for most. Lust was rampant.

The local booster club coined the slogan, “Telluride, the town without a bellyache,” boasting that one could not want for anything in this prosperous mining town.

The town may not have had a bellyache, but it probably had a throbbing head.

Throughout prohibition: you could get a drink just about anywhere, including the Courthouse. During the 1960s, when the hospital and banks closed and only 300 locals remained, the saloons carried on. A decade later, when the ski bums and hippies bellied up, they ushered in a new era of drinking history.

On Thursday, March 29, the Telluride Historical Museum will celebrate the town’s colorful vice with a Historic Pub Crawl, a four stop tour of Telluride’s most raucous haunts.

The Crawl starts with a beer at the Telluride Historical Museum. Next slosh back beers and pizza at The Last Dollar Saloon (historically, the National Club); tour the Sheridan Opera House and Vaudeville Bar; and finish at the Sacred and Holy New Sheridan Bar. All the while, special guests illuminate the long forgotten characters, stories and traditions of Telluride’s pioneer drinkers.

Tickets include a guided tour and beer stein with historic image. Drinks (accept for the first one, at the museum) are not included. Hangovers are on the house!

IF YOU GO: RSVP in advance! $35 tickets 728-3344×2