Museum Presents Annual Fireside Chats

Museum Presents Annual Fireside Chats
Presenters from across the state shed light on Colorado during World War II

(Tuesday, July 15, 2014) The Telluride Historical Museum is bringing three weeks of Fireside Chats to Mountain Village and Norwood this August, focusing on Colorado history during the Second World War.

On August 6 and 7, enjoy a living history presentation from ‘Rosie the Riveter’. This iconic persona from World War II encapsulated the spirit of women who filled factory positions as their male counterparts enlisted. Female factory workers proved an essential part of the war effort, as many of them worked in munitions and war supplies plants. Rosie the Riveter has endured as a cultural icon throughout the years, serving as a powerful symbol of women’s empowerment and equality.

On August 13 and 14, hear from author and military historian Flint Whitlock as he discusses the 10th Mountain Division, the light infantry division his father served with during World War II. The 10th was an experiment in new fighting techniques, training its members in skiing, climbing, and survival methods. After the war, members of the 10th played a crucial role in Colorado and the development of the ski industry.

“We are excited to have such a broad range of topics and presenters this month,” commented Anne Gerhard, the Museum’s Director of Programs and Exhibits.

On August 20 and 21, Dr. Bonnie Clark, an archaeologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Denver, will present on The Amache Project, an ongoing archaeological dig at the site of a Japanese internment camp near Granada, Colorado. The internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War constituted the largest mass movement of people in United States history, with over 120,000 relocations; 7,300 of which were to Amache. Dr. Clark will discuss the role of internment camps during the War as well as her work on the Amache Project.

Wednesdays in Norwood at 6:00pm at the Ace of Norwood Livery Playhouse, and Thursdays at 5:30pm at the Madeline Hotel in Mountain Village, don’t miss these three presenters as they share their thoughts and expertise on Colorado history during World War II.

The Telluride Historical Museum’s Fireside Chats are a free program series presented in conjunction with the Museum’s current annual exhibit, Voices of Wartime: Telluride During WWII, on display through March of 2015.