Crawl Back in Time


The Telluride Historical Museum presents a Historic Pub Crawl. 

Telluride, Colorado (January 9, 2012)– During Telluride’s most raucous era—around the turn of the last century—there was an unwritten rule that required a woman to enter through the side service door at the New Sheridan where she would then be held, in a waiting parlour, until her date was ready to dine.

Other Sheridan rules—Don’t shoot the Pianist!—were posted in plain site.

Throughout prohibition, it wasn’t uncommon for as much as nine tons of sugar to come through town without any of it making it to a grocery store. Telluride Whiskey, after all, was in high demand, even as far away as New York, or so claimed some proud Moonshiners.

During another infamous chapter in Telluride’s liquid history—the1970’s—the Gypsy Moon Saloon (today’s Fly Me to the Moon) boasted a full bar with a laundry-mat to boot.

On Thursday, the Telluride Historical Museum, with help from Telluride Theatre, will illuminate the town’s liquid history with a four-stop tour of Telluride’s most infamous haunts.

The Crawl kicks off with a free beer at the Telluride Historical Museum. Afterward, revisit the decade that gave birth to the ski bum at the Fly Me to the Moon Saloon; tour the Sheridan Opera House, from the basement bath-house to the top level Vaudeville Bar; and finish at the New Sheridan Bar to discover the sacred and holy battleground of the Western Federation of Miners. All the while, special guests bring to life the long forgotten characters, stories and traditions of Telluride’s pioneer drinkers.

Tickets include a guided tour and beer stein with historic image. Drinks (accept the first one, at the museum) are not included. Hangovers are on the house!

RSVP: 728-3344×2 or email