Scrapple is About You


The Telluride Historical Museum hosts annual screening of a cult classic film set in Telluride 

Telluride, Colorado (March 13, 2012)– Life in Telluride is not completely unlike the movies. Consider the script in 1891, when the town (the first in the world) became illuminated by AC electricity. Or, a few years earlier, when a kid named Butch made off with $24,000 from a local bank. Imagine too the colorful cast at Popcorn Alley, town’s legendary Red-Light District.

On Thursday, March 15, the Telluride Historical Museum will host a special screening of “Scrapple,” a feature length film “New York Times Magazine” described as “Babe on Acid.”

Shot in under a month in 1996, “Scrapple” pokes at old-timers, realtors and drug selling ski bums in the 1970’s fictional town of Telluride, err, Ajax. The film includes familiar faces, including Ashley Boling, Bradley Blackwell, Ken “Striker” Grodberg and Christopher Hansen. Hansen, along with his brother, Geoffrey Hansen and George Plamondon wrote the film, which was inspired by a short story by another local, Sean McNamara.

For a dose of the stranger-than-fiction history of the 1970’s, pick up a copy of the museum’s new journal, “Telluride Tales,” an exploration of the decade that saw the birth of a ski resort and the death of mining.

The journal, just like the film, features a hodgepodge of young people trying to make their own way; trust funders burning money and time; real-estate entrepreneurs; old-timers; outlaws; drunks; pretty girls; and of course, a hippie hating Town Marshall.

Thursday’s screening of “Scrapple” is a fundraiser for the museum. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 9p.m.